Senior Manager - 400kV Network
Ref # 26132
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Location : United Arab Emirates
Job Category : Engineering
12 years and above of experience in transmission related to engineering works in a utility with some experience in project management, Technical Experience in Engineering for previous work, Experience in Project Transmission Business and Managerial competency, planning result, managing team and managing time. Vendor/contractor management. Computer knowledge, Report Writing skills and Communication skills. Minimum Educational Qualification Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering, International Certification in Project Management (Additional preferred) Job Description Full responsibility for the timely energizing of Transmission S/s (400/132/11Kv& OHL) Transmission Turnkey Projects. Lead projects from the initial stage of the project (Letter of Award) up to the defect liability period/close out of the Project in compliance with Contract scope, DEWA Specifications & International standards, within budgeted cost & quality standards & in fulfillment of OH&S Policies & Master Plan. Develop, manage and supervise internal safety as per OH&S Management System Manual to DEWAs safety standards. Participation in DGEP, establishing department strategy plan & reviewing SLAs. Continuously innovate and fulfill the requirements of driving the Corporate Excellence. Facilitate, transfer and share knowledge with colleagues and subordinates. Supervise the completion of the substation projects and their corresponding cabling projects to ensure the timely energizing of a transmission substation. Review project execution and resource mobilization plans to meet project requirements, review plans/programs to meet the project deadlines .Review resource utilization and identity strategies to control cost of the project with in budgeted limits. Attend weekly/daily work schedules from monthly/yearly plans/programs taking in to account available resources. Monitor the progress on different work fronts; analyze progress reports from substation and cabling project managers and identify problem areas advice project teams on critical areas and mitigation measures to recover slippages. Negotiate, establish and maintain positive working relationships with internal and external organizations to insure the work as per DEWA regulations and policies. Maintain / Update / Review / Follow-up invoice issues and review and endorse contractors/consultants payment invoices/certificates to ensure payment as per the actual works carried out and as per contractual scope of works